How long does it take to wrap a car?

Most standard exterior wraps are completed within two to three days.

Is a wrap as good as a paint job??

Vinyls are improving all the time and many people will be fooled into thinking a wrapped car is painted, however, there are limitations to vinyl wrapping and some areas will require joins or infill pieces. A wrap is also only as good as the base paintwork. Stonechips, scratches and pollutants embedded in the lacquer will show under the wrap. We cannot guarantee adhesion on areas of rust or problem areas.  A wrap should be considered as an ideal way to provide a temporary colour change or personalised look.

Do you do inside the door area?

Yes, we can wrap the door shuts and returns but be advised that this adds significantly to the cost and time taken to do the wrap due to the labour involved, particularly on 4 door cars

Do you remove trim parts??

We generally remove as much trim as possible to make for a seamless wrap. Some vehicles with modern electronics require an approved technician to remove and replace parts which may incur an extra cost.

Do the DVLA need to be informed about the change of colour?

As of April 2014 you the DVLA are now asking people to inform them if you have changed the colour of your vehicle. This requires you to send the V5C to them notifying them of the change. You should receive a new V5C within 2-4 weeks. However, this is not a legal obligation at present.

Will the wrap damage the paint?

If your vehicle has sound paintwork then the vinyl should not cause any problems on removal and will, in fact, protect the paintwork. If your vehicle has had panels resprayed, or the original paint is chipped or of poor quality then some paint or lacquer damage could occur on removal or during the fitting process. We can not be held responsible in the event of this happening. If lacquer comes away during the wrap fitting then that area will have to be smoothed down with wet/dry paper and costs will be incurred.

How long will the wrap last?

If well cared for, The wrap should be fine for at least 3-5 years. Jet washing is not recommended and can cause lifting of the edges. This will void the warranty.

Where will my vehicle be kept during the wrap?

We work from a 1600sq/ft temperature controlled secure unit. There is a security gate protecting the estate and we have CCTV and alarm systems.

Do you do printed designs?

Yes, we have professional digital print machines in house and can design and install any printed wraps

Can I supply the vinyl for you to fit?

We will fit supplied vinyl but there will be no guarantee or warranty. Most ‘Ebay’ vinyl is poor quality Chinese made material. Use at your own risk.

Can you wrap the black plastic bumpers on my car?

No, the vinyl will not adhere to these.

Do you wrap under the bonnet?

We do not wrap under the bonnet.

Do you wrap Motorbikes?

We do occasionally wrap bikes but due to the complex shapes involved and the resulting labour time, prices start from £700

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